Abacus Law

Esqwired Consulting provides superior training and customization for Abacus Law to get you up and running.

Word and WordPerfect

Get expert training and support on Word and WordPerfect. Merge setup from AbacusLaw data to your documents and forms, custom templates, macros and more...


Training on building custom PowerPoint presentations to professionally present your content.

Microsoft Excel

Need Excel training, custom applications, reports and more? Esqwired Consulting can provide everything you need.


I'm Michelle Lyons, owner of EsqWired. My goal is to make my clients happy and thrilled with my services. Help is only a few minutes away through the power of the internet.

Remote Assistance

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Wishes Fulfilled

You'd be amazed how well AbacusLaw, WordPerfect, and other business applications integrate to make life easier by reducing the amount of user input data. Reducing your workload saves time, which saves you money.