Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Here are some documents you can download - there are loads of lovely tips and tricks in them. If you'd like me to write a step-by-step manual on any feature in Abacus, Timeslips, Word, WordPerfect, Excel or PowerPoint, please let me know (there may be a charge for that) - just ask.

Alternatively, I can write a step-by-step procedures manual customized for your firm.


  • Abacus for Smarties

    Step by step directions for beginners and intermediate users of Abacus (with pretty pictures to help).

  • Schedule Abacus to auto-sync with Outlook

    If you have Abacus Version 2013 or later, this feature is now available in Abacus and you will no longer be using CompanionLink. So no need for you to download these instructions. You can use these instructions if you are using Abacus Version 2012 or earlier. Assuming that you have already set up Abacus to sync with Outlook, you can schedule the sync to run in the middle of the night or whenever you want, and you'll never have to remember it again.

  • Save and log to Abacus macro - WordPerfect/Word

    Install this macro and you'll be able to auto-link your documents to the correct Abacus matter when saving.

  • Extra Databases

    If you purchased Abacus V2011 or later, there's a hidden gem called Extra Databases which I can customize to your specifications. You can enter unlimited records (like, Costs, Medical Reports, Real Estate, Settlement Negotiations - anything you need).

  • Fix logout problems with Abacus

    When you have to backup Abacus or perform other maintenance, sometimes you cannot do it because, even though everyone has exited from Abacus, you still cannot perform the maintenance. Follow the steps in this document to help you through (or you can call Abacus tech department to do it for you)